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Submitting a nomination for the Waste Innovation & Recycling Awards is a great way to acknowledge recent success within your company. The Awards recognise the best in waste and resource recovery.


  • Nominating is free, and must be completed using the online form below by 11:59pm Friday 13 August 2021
  • Your nomination must be completed in one sitting; a partially completed form cannot be saved and reopened at a later date.
  • Nominators agree that by submitting the nomination, they agree to have information within the nomination included in marketing and communications channels. Anything that is confidential and not for publishing should be clearly identified.
  • Please have any supporting documentation (i.e. equipment specifications, photographs, marketing materials) ready to upload.
  • All products and/or technologies must be manufactured and/or commercially available in Australia.
  • Companies and sites nominated must operate within Australia.
  • Executives nominated must reside and work in Australia.
  • All nominations must be accompanied by a high resolution image (at least 1MB in size) suitable for print publication.

By submitting a nomination, you give Prime Creative Media permission to publish all or part of your nomination in Inside WasteWaste Management Review or another suitable publication.


  • Nominations open: 14 April 2021
  • Nominations close: 13 August 2021
  • Finalists announced: September 2021
  • Winners announced: 27 October 2021

Outstanding WARR Project: Metro / Regional

The Outstanding WARR project award is given to a project that has delivered cost-effective and high-impact success in its targeted field.

Nominees must provide examples of success and/or show how the project has achieved KPIs and targets, solved challenging solutions, and demonstrated replicable best practices for industry.

Two awards will be given, one for a metropolitan project, and the other for a regional or rural project.


  1. What are the key issues/challenges/opportunities that the project is seeking to solve and/or capture and what targets or KPIs have been met to date?
  2. What is the project’s high-impact and measurable outcome(s) that go above and beyond industry norms or business as usual?
  3. How has the project driven improvement in environmental and social performance while maintaining cost-effectiveness?
  4. Has the project received strong community support and why?
  5. Has the project demonstrated new, replicable best practices for industry? Please demonstrate how the project, including technologies, methodologies, and approaches can be expanded or emulated by others.

Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence Award is given to an individual or team that has achieved demonstrable improvements in efficiency, best practice OHS, and impeccable records.

Nominees must demonstrate improvements in efficiency, show best practice processes, and provide examples of achievements pertaining to best practice that goes beyond standard practice.


  1. What demonstrable improvements in operational efficiency has the nominee enacted and what effect(s) has this had on their organisation? Please also detail the novel methods or technologies used to achieve this.
  2. What best practices processes have been performed to promote a strong OHS record and maintain a safe workplace culture?
  3. Provide examples of high-impact and measurable outcomes that go above and beyond industry norms or business as usual?
  4. How has the individual or team bettered community relations and environmental quality as well as achieved sustainability (social, economic, and environmental) improvements?
  5. How does the nominee plan for and execute technical and operational success under challenging conditions?
  6. How will (or has) this excellence been embedded in business as usual to ensure ongoing success?

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award is given to an individual or company that has implemented processes and practices or developed and/or rolled out technology and/or plant that have successfully closed the loop, creating a demonstrable circular economy.

Nominees must demonstrate how the project, process, practice, plant or technology closes the loop and how the end product is comparable or better than virgin, material-based alternatives. Nominees must also show long-term commercial viability.


  1. How has the organisation maximised resource efficiency and/or what technology/methodology/plant has the organisation developed to maximise resource efficiency? Provide examples of innovative and creative solutions and demonstrate how these are closing the loop to demonstrate a true circular economy.
  2. Provide examples of the end product(s) being comparable to or better than virgin material-based alternatives.
  3. How is the organisation ensuring high and consistent standards of output?
  4. Is the product a commercially viable long-term proposition? Provide examples of scalability, commercial viability, and end markets.
  5. Demonstrate impacts the nominee’s technology/methodology/plant has had on the broader community.

Outstanding Facility Award

The Outstanding Facility Award is given to a new infrastructure project that commenced operating in 2020 or 2021.

Nominees must show how the facility was delivered on time and on budget, responsibly planned and developed, and meets world-class standards using innovative approaches and technologies.


  1. What challenges did the project face (in the planning, development, procurement and commissioning process) and how were they overcome?
  2. Has the project met its budget and schedule and how did the planning and development process ensure a timely and well-costed project? Additionally, what measures/processes are in place to ensure long-term financial viability of operations?
  3. How did the project achieve community support and engagement?
  4. What is the overall impact of the site on human health and environmental quality?
  5. Does the facility have best-in-class capacity and what notable efficiencies have been achieved? What innovative technologies or approaches does it employ?

Young Professional of the Year

The Young Professional of the Year Award is given to an individual aged 35 years or younger, who has impressed their colleagues and counterparts with their contribution and impact to their organisation, and excellence in service.

This nomination is strictly by testimonial from the nominee’s direct report or other manager with first-hand knowledge of the nominee. Additional testimonials are welcome.


  1. How has the individual excelled in their role to date and what sets them apart from their peers?
  2. Please provide examples of sustained outstanding performance or noteworthy achievements under difficult conditions.
  3. What initiatives of significant impact has the individual championed within and/or beyond the organisation? Please show what the measurable impacts of this individual’s initiatives or projects are.
  4. How has the individual shown exceptional leadership skills within the organisation?

Woman of Waste

The Woman of Waste Award recognises a woman in the industry who has driven change and continues to do so, leading to progress in breaking down barriers and creating new career prospects for the next generation.

Nomination is strictly by testimonial from any individual with first-hand knowledge of the nominee. Additional testimonials are welcome.


  1. How has this individual driven change in the industry and demonstrated leadership within and beyond their organisation?
  2. How has this individual driven their organisation’s overall success (please show examples of innovation and problem-solving) and overcome challenges in their career?
  3. How has this individual maintained and encouraged a considered approach to diversity and inclusion?
  4. How has this individual succeeded in influencing and mentoring other women to positively impact the waste and resource recovery industry?

Community Engagement Success of the Year

The Community Engagement Success of the Year Award is given to any private, not-for-profit, or government organisation that has rolled out programs/initiatives that have had measurable success in engaging and communicating with the community, resulting in positive outcomes for the industry.

Nominees must provide examples of how these programs/initiatives have bettered community relations and/or achieved project targets and KPIs, as well as educated community to significantly improve waste management and resource recovery practices and outcomes.


  1. How has the nominee’s program/initiative outperformed older or alternative approaches?
  2. How can the program/initiative, including its educational and engagement elements be replicated elsewhere?
  3. How has the program/initiative made outstanding contributions to the community, creating a long-term sustainable impact?
  4. Please show how the nominee ensured the project received community support throughout its implementation process.
  5. Please show how the program has bettered community relations into the future while continuing to achieve high-impact success in its targeted field and for the industry?

WARR Workplace of the Year

The WARR Workplace of the Year Award is given to any private, not-for-profit, or government organisation that has proven to achieve exceptionally high levels of workplace engagement through investment in its employees and initiatives that promote equality.

Nominees must show examples of increased productivity, organic growth, and employee satisfaction. Testimonials are welcome.


  1. What new and innovative policies has the organisation implemented to adapt to the changing workforce in order to attract new talent, improve staff retention, and ensure employee satisfaction?
  2. How is the organisation leading action to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace (please detail programs, policies, and initiatives)?
  3. How is the organisation ensuring it is equipping its employees with the critical skills they need for the future in order to drive the organisation’s growth, success, and longevity?
  4. How does the organisation facilitate a healthy work environment?

Leader of the Year

The Leader of the Year Award is given to any leader who holds a senior person (executive, manager, director, or equivalent) in a private, not-for-profit, or government organisation who has effectively shaped their business’ success, delivered financial growth, significantly and positively impacted the business’ culture, and championed the industry widely.

The nominee must show their leadership contributions and illustrate their financial and cultural impact throughout the organisation. They must also detail how they have used their position to promote, protect, support, champion the WARR industry.


  1. How has the nominee foreseen and prepared for changing conditions and challenges, and deployed innovative solutions to ensure the viability of the organisation?
  2. Illustrate the nominee’s significant impact on organisational growth, greater reach, and improved financial performance/impact.
  3. Please provide examples of the nominee’s achievement of the organisation’s targets and KPIs and any other measurable change and success.
  4. How has the nominee driven a cultural impact in the organisation to build a diverse and inclusive workplace?
  5. How has the nominee maximised their position to promote, protect, support, and champion WARR in the broader Australian society, economy and environment? Please show examples of the nominee’s engagement and influence in WARR issues.

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